Monday, December 17, 2012

The numbers are in

Had a good doctor's appointment today and my white blood cells are finally moving up! I am on Day 64 since the start of chemo and I am finally seeing the jump that most people see by Day 14-30.

I felt miserable end of last week and thought I had the flu (chills, cough, achy) so ended up at the doctor last week as well. My doctor thought I had the flu too. He started me on tamiflu and did the tests for influenza A & B. They came back negative so they switched me from tamiflu to another antibiotic then thinking it was an infection and worried that my neutrophils were up because of the infection. Today my neutrophils were still high and more detailed analysis of them showed they are back for real (lots of mature neutrophils versus new neutrophils). Below is my blood work.

PlateletsHemoglobinWhite Blood CellsNeutrophils
Normal Range 140-40011.7-15.53.8-10.81500-7800
10/10/2012 - At Diagnosis116.12.7100
11/12/12 - When I left the hospital 3110.51.1668

My neutrophils (which fight bacteria) are in the normal range which is huge. This means I can go out a bit more and return to helping wash the dishes and take out the trash (which I am oddly excited about). My white blood cells are still low and the lymphocytes which fight viruses are really, really low. Some of my other blood work is very funky (like the inverse of what you typically see) but of the big four blood count measures we have been tracking 2 of 4 are normal. So between having two of the counts in the normal range and getting most of my restrictions on my diet and mobility lifted I am very excited today.

So numbers are in and looking good. Hopefully my trends continue so I start off 2013 "normal".


  1. So exciting - what a great Christmas present for the holidays...normalcy to some extent! We are still thinking about you here, and can't wait to see you again at some point in the New Year. Continue the upward swing! Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year with your family.

  2. was so wonderful to see you today. you looked amazing, happy, smiling as ever. will continue to send love and healing!

  3. Hello- You don't know me and I apologize if this is being invasive but THANK YOU for posting your story. I had the same symptoms about 2 weeks ago. My hemoglobin was 5, iron 2 and Ferritin <10. I go today to find out what the rest of my blood work shows and what next steps are. They have not taken my bone marrow yet. I did two rounds of iron infusion which left me sore but with energy. Thank you for putting this blog up its very informative for someone who is going through almost this exact same thing right now. Sincerely, Andrea