Friday, December 14, 2012

So sad...

I am so sad today about the shootings in the elementary school in Connecticut. I feel so for everyone in that community. To have what is most dear to parents, their children, taken from them so senselessly. I think every parent sends their children to school thinking  it is a safe place for them to be. Similarly teachers and faculty go to school to nurture children, and help them grow, not thinking their lives will be at risk. When something like this happens it is deeply unsettling. I am sure for everyone associated with that school, and in that town, where people know people directly impacted it is even more disturbing and traumatic.

I was going to post on our crazy hospital bill that is in, or some special "services" I am now qualifying for as a heavy health care system user but really can't muster the energy to write about things that seem very mundane in the wake of the news today. I've tried in this blog to stay disconnected from commenting on major news events despite some big ones over the last few months (e.g., US Presidential election, Hurricane Sandy) to keep this more for updates on my health but really can't today (and it may open the flood gates).

Tragedies like today make me feel lucky that all I have is cancer. I am surrounded by my friends and family. There are good treatment options, and great medical professionals working to restore my health. I have a good shot at having a good life for several years to come.

To send your kindergartner off to school in the morning and then to get a call that they have been shot and killed at school is unimaginably awful to me. Today everyone in Newtown, CT, is in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. Beth, I agree "deeply unsettling"...I couldn't help but watch CNN for 2 hours, the unfathomable, the thought of losing a child. Scot has been traveling quiet a bit lately so mommy gives and we have slumber parties on weekends when daddy is away (I know this won't last much longer ;( ) Boys were camped out in our room and we were continuing a Star Wars marathon that had started on Friday. When the boys fell asleep is when I started to watch the coverage, heartbreaking. I couldn't help but physically reach out to touch our boys and feel very, very fortunate...

  2. I sit here watching their tiny faces on the news - bawling....remembering when my kids were that little. Praying for the families impacted by this senseless tragedy in Newtown.