Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top 10 signs I have been in the hopsital too long...

Keep thinking of all the signs I have been here too long...

10. I get more mail here than at home.
9.  I know how to work most of the functions on the IV pump.
8.  I know all the nurses and they stop in after their days off to chat and catch up.
7.  I can tell who is coming into my room by the knock.
6.  I have the last room waiting for a whiteboard (they are waiting for the room to "turn" to put it up).
5.  I change my own bed linens.
4.  I am helping train the staff on the new computer system.
3.  I can sleep through the every 4 hour round the clock vital sign checks.
2.  I have developed a preference for the hospital gowns versus my own clothes.
1.  The food is starting to taste good.

Really the worst sign I have been here too long is I am starting to pick up hospital/long term institutionalized infections, but really this icks me out so can't but it on the list above...  they picked it up fast and gave me another med to address it. I, unfortunately, cannot string 2 good days together in a row. I am back on isolation and my white blood cell count is down to 0.3 (normal is 4.5-11). The potential silver lining is my body could be making white blood cells and just using them for the infection. All my issues now have been "caused" by the hospitals and medications combined with my low counts that they are trying to bring back in balance. Still keeping my fingers crossed I get to get out of here on Monday!!

Also, the other glimmer of good news is that even though my chemo started late on Monday, Oct 15, they start counting from that day so I am at Day 18 (vs 17 - I will take the extra day) towards count recovery. The average time for counts to start to go up is Day 30 so getting closer.

Chad and the girls leave for Vegas today. They called me on the way to school this morning. Margaret said it would be more fun if I could go, too.... totally agree with her, but have made them promise to scope out the fun stuff so we can all go back next year together. My mom and dad are here to keep an eye on me. Will try and pick their brains for other "classic Beth" stories to share.


  1. Is anyone surprised that you can work the functions on your IV Pump, that you train the staff on the computer and change your own bed linens? You could rule the world from just about anywhere! But seriously, rest...please!!! I know you are going stir crazy, but like you, Chad and the girls, we want you home ASAP!!! Hugs!!!

  2. I had to chuckle - it was like Letterman's Top 10....and I too can see you taking charge, training them on the computer system while lounging in your hospital garb. I am really sorry you are missing Vegas but love the normalcy of the family and the fact that they know you are in good hands and that they can still go. We all still think about you every day at work.....get better so that we can see you bustling about in the office. I miss the sound of you cracking open a pop at 9:00 am!

  3. Beth - We worked together in GBD (what was then EBD) before you went to China. Jack Ridge was kind enough to forward an email to let us know. I have been following your blog and find it not only inspiring but educational as well. I love the links you and Chad provided for blood donation, marrow donation and the Leukemia Society. You have made a scary situation less scary not only for yourself and your family but for all who know you. Your blogs and the support of your family and friends is truly amazing.

    I try to donate blood every 56 days when eligible; I have type B+ (only 11% of the population is Type B) and hope that I can help someone in need. I have looked into the bone marrow donation possibility but slightly out of their preferred age ranges. I figured I will go ahead and register and age may not become so critical if it is the best match.

    Sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers your way for continued recovery and return of strength and most of all to go home on Monday.

    Take care and do not hesitate to contact me if there is absolutely anything you need.

    Kim Mathias