Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner

Growing up my mom always got up very early on Thanksgiving to get the turkey in the oven and to start the dough for her homemade rolls. We always had pretty much the same food every year on Thanksgiving, and many of the dishes we only had on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My mom's rolls were my favorites. I have never decided if I liked them better hot out of the oven with butter, or the next with turkey, stuffing and a little bit of mayonnaise. My mom also always let us choose what kind of potatoes we wanted. With five opinionated daughters this usually resulted in 3 kinds of potatoes each year- mashed, au gratin and twice baked potatoes. I still remember how the house smelled and how my parents would set up a card table over by the kitchen bar to set food on to serve because there was so much.

For the past few years in China we celebrated Thanksgiving on the Saturday after with a big potluck at friend's apartments (since everyone had to work on Thursday and Friday). Our friends did the turkeys and everyone else signed up to bring other thanksgiving favorites. It was always very fun. The children ran around and had a great time, the adults got to hang out, and we all got to have a huge thanksgiving meal without cooking all day.

We have ordered our Thanksgiving from Whole Foods which will be great but am realizing there is nothing Chad or I am cooking that is a family tradition on Thanksgiving. Is it bad if Whole Foods becomes our family tradition?  I make a mean pumpkin pie and that is one of Katherine's favorites but no homemade stuffing or rolls this year. I realize our children don't associate any of our cooking with Thanksgiving. I asked Margaret if there was anything special she wanted to eat on Thanksgiving and her reply was, "mac n cheese would be good, out of the box please."....sigh, so sad for her foodie mom to hear.

We also realized our children have never seen the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. They have also not really experienced American football or football appetizers. So we are going to work on American culture immersion over the next few days and see what Withers family Thanksgiving Day traditions may take hold.

Hopefully the good weather will continue and we can go for walks. Chad took me for my first walk around the block yesterday. I made it but my legs were shaky by the time we got around and were headed back home. Don't laugh, but the nurses encouraged me to walk up and down the driveway. So for our neighbors, if you see me out doing this I have not gone totally insane from having to stay home but am just working on building up to walking the block on my own!

Hope all of our friends and family that celebrate American Thanksgiving have a great holiday!!


  1. So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving... new traditions are certainly in the making. Enjoy your weekend of family time, football and as much fun as your body can muster. Sending lots of love and Thanksgiving wishes your way. XOXO Liz and Carel (and... Caya and Bella.. our new Golden Retrievers :)

  2. We remember the Thanksgiving with all your family when the turkey was rotten! Never heard that one before or since. Glad you are home. Auntie Liz says take lots of vit D & C to build your immune system. Love, Aunt Liz

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! We are thankful for all the Withers! Is there anything we can do for you over the next few days? A visit? A playdate at our house? A delivery of leftovers? Just let us know.

  4. Hi Beth, Chad, and kiddos!
    Happy Thanksgiving from your "neighbors". We think of you often and hope for your safe and speedy and complete recovery. I hope you are getting stronger on your driveway walks. Every step counts. We can totally relate about American Thanksgiving, and the complete absence of them in our lives here:) Missing it. I plan to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" soon and get our kids to watch it (or at least part of it) with me. That's a Thanksgiving/Christmas tradition I love.