Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Operation - Visit Mom

As of yesterday, I had not seen the girls in a week. They are not allowed in my room and since I was on isolation I was not allowed to go to the lounge to meet them. I made an impassioned plea to my doctor. Fortunately he consented to their visit if they girls put on gowns, masks and gloves...but we needed to be discreet (code for my doctor is new here and he and the nursing staff don't totally see eye to eye on things). So after he okay'ed the girls visiting so Operation Visit Mom was in full swing.

The girls came home from school and went right to work on homework. After dinner they put on clean clothes and scrubbed up for the visit. They both got dressed up in dresses. Margaret had on a long sleeve dress with tights, and Katherine opted for a cute yellow sundress (it is freezing here at 20 degrees Fahrenheit).

The girls are such troopers. They got their gear, crept into my room with Chad and then got all decked out by the door. They looked very cute in all their protective garb. Margaret then hopped right up in bed with me to go over plans for her birthday this weekend while Katherine decorated an extra mask with scented markers. Then they switched places. Unfortunately not long after that Margaret discovered all the buttons on the bed. I had to abandon ship when I got queasy. Then we had to put a stop to the bed button exploration and up and downs for fear of breaking the bed and blowing our cover!

It was really good for me to see them, and them to see me. We have another visit planned tomorrow night. I am off isolation so not sure if I will get all decked out and meet them in the lounge but greatly preferred having them come to my room and hop in bed next to me.

Today was a very busy day today. I finally got to leave the room this morning for some tests. By the time I got back I was not feeling so hot, a nurse and I were joking I had motion sickness from the wheelchair ride and my guy pushing me too fast. My mom arrived and then someone from physical therapy. At that same time I was officially taken off isolation so I got to go down the hall to the lounge with the bike and start to build back up my legs so I can have the energy for the trip home, and up the stairs into my house. Then had a few good friends visit so was pretty wiped out and slept all afternoon.

My counts are still terrible, but they are flat. Getting off isolation is a big win. I have to wear a mask if I go down the hall but leaving my room is really nice. I am on so many antibiotics, antivirals, etc that are IV every 6 hours I need to stay in the hospital until my counts start to recover. All these drugs make me feel less than terrific so more meds to manage that...Plan is still to do a bone marrow biopsy on Monday to see what is going on and then the doctors need to see some recovery before they can step me down off the IV drugs every 6 hours and have it be safe for me to go home. So I am not quite the boy in the bubble but pretty close....

Hope all our US friends voted today. So glad Chad and I early voted the day after I was diagnosed. Also, very glad election ads will be off air tomorrow! Ohio has been a miserable place to be without DVR and the ability to fast forward through the election commercials!!


  1. Hi Beth,

    Continuing prayers that your blood counts go up and you get to go home soon!! We think about you, Chad and the girls every day.


  2. Hi Beth,
    I've been thinking of you and your family every day since I heard the news. I'm sending my prayers and positive thoughts to you, Chad and the girls - who I'm sure were thrilled to see you yesterday. It sounds like you are coping so admirably and positvely, which I am sure will contribute to your recovery, and your speedy return home. I wish I could give you a big hug!!!! Gayle Anderson

  3. Hi Beth,
    I have been following your blog. Our family keeps you in our thoughts and prayers.You are one strong lady with an amazing family!!! When you are out of the hospital and feeling better we should make a plan to get together. Cinci isnt that far from Cleveland and Bella would love to see her friends!!! Her mom would too-LOL!!!
    Sending positive thoughts of you getting back home soon!!
    Lisa Pignataro

  4. Sending thoughts and prayers to you, Chad and the girls from Guangzhou!!
    We all follow your blog everyday, thank-you for keeping us up-to-date.
    Pray that your blood levels go up!

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Bill, Penny, Keisha & Jacob