Thursday, October 25, 2012

Turning a corner (I hope...)

I feel like for a few days the news has been the same. My blood counts are all very low, I feel crummy, have a fever, blah, blah, blah. There is much of the same today my counts are still very low, felt pretty crummy for most of today but finally have had a fever free day. Fingers crossed, hopefully, this is the end of the mysterious fevers. All the tests they have run to discover the cause have come back negative. They think this could be because they were proactively giving IV antibiotics and antiviral meds because my white blood counts were so low so whatever I have (or had) was partially treated so not growing on one of the many cultures they are working on.

This morning my doctor said to expect to be in the hospital through the weekend and then Monday morning we can reassess how much longer I need to stay and when I get to go home. The PICC line will stay in and I will be back at the office for daily blood draws and transfusions as needed. Chad will get to double at night as home health nurse giving me my white blood cell stimulant shots and checking blood return on my PICC lines - fun, fun - just the career enhancing opportunity he had been dreaming of.

It has been a treat to have my sister, Robin, sleepover with me the last few nights at the hospital. Last night we were mentally planning a sister weekend away next fall (or whenever my sister, Margaret, is back in the country again). Really the base is really low when you start from a hospital room so am sure we can find something to build on from here.

Assume no news is good news if you don't hear from me the next few days and will let you know if anything changes, or otherwise will let you know what the word is from the good doctor on Monday.


  1. Sisters are the best!!!! I know you really really want to go home...but we want you where you will get better. TE-3 misses you!!! Still in our thoughts daily...especially Jack and his jokes. I look forward to reading your posts every night. Stay strong Beth.

  2. Sooo glad you have been fever free for a day!! Great news!!

  3. I can cross all eight fingers voluntarily. I'm doing so right now for you. Or, I will when I stop typing, at least. We're all pulling for you, Beth! If you feel like blogging, please do! The world waits to hear from you every day. Really!