Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat?

Not sure about you but I am way more of a fan of treats versus tricks, but feel like I am getting more of the later lately. My white blood count had jumped up to 0.9 last week. We did the happy dance, and my doctors said it would keep going up.... then the last 4 days it has been down (0.6, 0.5, 0.5, 0.4). My body is clearly not making white blood cells. They apparently just live for 24 hours so once your body starts making them they ramp up quickly. My doctors have said that the average number of days it takes for your body to start making white blood cells is 30-60 days once treatment starts. I am on day 16.

Unfortunately signs of infection came back last night too. My body is a bit stronger being a week out after chemo (the charge nurse who has been off for 5 days just stuck her head into see me because she heard "Withers" looked so much better) so hopefully will not be as sick for as long. Luckily still have time to be sick and be fever free for 48 hours before Monday, but definitely a bummer.

On the treat side this week, the girls came up to see me Monday night to give me a much needed makeover and play a game. My parents brought them to give Chad a mini-break. The girls continue to be unflappable. For infectious control reasons they are not allowed in my room so I had to meet them in the lounge down the hall. I have to wear a mask when I leave my room (note I am still only allowed to walk one hall and a few nurses freak if I leave my room with my low white blood count so mostly stay in). I also was finishing up a blood transfusion so was pushing my pole with blood hanging. I thought Margaret in particular would be freaked out by this but they actually thought it was cool and were a bit disappointed when they got home and told Chad about seeing me get blood and found out that he had seen it too.

When I got to the lounge the other night, the girls had their toiletry bags open and they were ready to swing into action. Margaret was on nails and Katherine was on hair. Margaret quickly realized she had brought 10 lovely colors of nail polish, and I have 10 fingers so instant idea of what "pattern" she was going with. After many years of art lessons she is very in touch with the color wheel and she went with hot colors on one hand, and cold colors on the other hand... and no one that has been in my room since has failed to notice them :).

Hair being easier to experiment with Katherine played around with it and all her accessories for awhile. She tried out some free VS styling implements from our days in China. Those were not to her liking so she scrounged and found some rubber bands, and she finally landed on two low braided pigtails... have to say actually liked the do and might repeat it.

Also, had a nice visit with a friend yesterday. I forget that I am giving everyone I know (and then some) updates on what is going on and sharing my family stories so I am sure I will repeat myself. When Chad and I lived in Geneva we had dear friends that helped us realize that even then, we had only limited stories and were prone to each sharing them independently with them (then repeating ourselves). They had a nice way of pointing that out saying, "this is Withers #13, an especially good story." So when I see you and repeat myself know it is not the effect of the cancer, or chemo, but it is a pre-existing condition.

With the cold, wet weather not feeling too disappointed about missing trick or treating tonight. Keep thinking about what a European friend said once when we were explaining Halloween. Their comment was what an odd tradition to dress up your children in costumes and send them out begging for candy. As a parent, now am finding it even odder because I don't want them to eat much candy!! So hope tonight the girls get to get dressed up, enjoy the spectacle of walking the main trick-or-treat drag in our neighborhood, but quickly get tired and cold and want to come home :).

Happy Halloween.


  1. Hapoy Halloween, Beth! Thought of you and your family during the Gold Arch trick-or-treating Saturday night.

  2. Karstens rocked "Terra Cotta Warrior" costumes around Gold Arch pool! You my friend don't need the costume, you are a WARRIOR!! Happy Halloween

  3. So true Queta!! Beth is an army of warriors!! And you are so right Beth on the damp, cold days...Trick or treating is going to feel more like a Trick this year...not that that will stop my goblins begging for their treats!!!

  4. Face masks and bags of blood - sounds like you got right into the spirit of things! I've been following your blog with equal amounts of sympathy and admiration and everyone on your old team sends their love and prayers. Fingers crossed for a Monday homecoming - it's my son's birthday so we'll take that as a good omen xxx

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