Monday, October 15, 2012

The Outside View - Part I

In keeping with my strict instructions to take care of myself and not stay up too late, this will be a short posting (at least I plan for it to be).

Beth has done a great job of sharing what it's been like to be at the center of the maelstrom - I have very little to add to what she's said, other than to comment that (unsurprisingly) she's been an absolute hero in my mind - none of this is easy and she's handling it all really well, while at the same time making sure that I have everything I need to know to keep everything moving at home.  I'm alternating between deep appreciation for all her concern and care and a sneaking sense that she's thought I'm a borderline idiot all these years...

The only thing I would add to Beth's account of today would be the interaction with the resident in charge overnight, who came into our room, looked around confusedly and asked "Is Beth here?"  When we pointed Beth out ('hiding in plain sight' by sitting on the bed), he commented "I thought you would be a lot older..."  Apparently hairy cell leukemia typically presents in older men, and while he'd figured out from the chart that 'Man' was not going to be the case, he was still not prepared for Beth's age demographic.  That settled, he turned out to be a nice fellow and reassured us by saying that the consensus among all the residents was that she had the leukemia you'd want to get. (There was apparently a spirited discussion at the coffee cart or something.)

I should add that while there may be some parts of these posts where I point out humorous aspects of the medical system and/or funny things all these people say and do - I genuinely have never been more appreciative of the dedication, intelligence, and passion that so many people in the health professions bring to their jobs.  I mean that in the obvious sense (i.e., thanks for being there when we need you!), but also in the sense that I'm recognizing much more what these jobs require in terms of commitment and dedication.  At some point I'll write a longer and more articulate post about this, but in the meantime hug a doctor if you've got one nearby, and I'll keep telling sort-of funny stories about them.

That's it for now - I'll have a brief post about the home front shortly.

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