Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Importance of Being Accessed (with Apologies to Oscar Wilde)

Things at the house are settling into a routine.  This is largely consistent with last night, but I have made some modifications as we go along.  I suspect there will be more in the future.

Here's our schedule:

Step 1 - Homework, Dinner, R&R; Kids get ready for bed.

Step 2 - Fall asleep with one of the kids.

Step 3 - Wake up with one of the kids

Step 4- Frantically look for phone in pocket, bed, check messages, find house phone and look for missed calls.  (This is a new step from yesterday, made easier by keeping my phone on my person at all times.)

Step 5 - Catch up on what I meant to do after the kids went to sleep.  (Work, email, blog post, lunch boxes, dinner dishes, etc.  Tonight thanks to Beth's 'constant motion' technique, I had all the dishes cleaned already during Step 1 but I need to work on faster motion in future.)

Step 6 - Sleep, intermittently interrupted by repetition of Steps 4 & 5, as needed.

Step 7 - Improve fitness level by sincerely, really, seriously planning to get up tomorrow in time to work out, although today I just really need this last hour of snoozing.  I am concerned already that our family will appear to have taken a pledge in which I promise to gain 3 pounds for every one Beth loses.  So far I think I'm on track here.

Step 8 - Walk dog, shower, eat breakfast, make lunches, make breakfast, check texts and email.  Feel guilt related to Steps 4, 5, and 7.

Step 9 - Feed kids, referee minor disagreements, suggest sleeve length based on temperature during Lilly's walk.  Contemplate how hard to push sleeve length recommendation.  Determine if outside temperature is likely to be fatal with prolonged exposure and sleeve length selected by kids.

We call Beth from the car on the way to school and the kids debrief her on all the plans for the day, then I head back to the hospital to see Beth.  Our normal routine should be that I come by in the mornings to see her and meet the doctors on rounds, and also at the end of the day on the way home.  Hopefully we'll also be able to do dinner here with the girls sometimes - that's the plan for tonight.  Thanks to all for the continuing good wishes and support.

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