Sunday, October 14, 2012

The calm before the storm

This weekend have mostly spent in bed resting and getting things "in order" before I check into the hospital. Being an organized mom, this means making sure Margaret's Bday party is booked, party bags are packed (girls and Chad did them and we had brought things back from China), etc.  The girls have been very sweet and come pop in and read with me or play i-touch. We tried a family movie last night. Chad and I thought Ghostbusters or ET would be fun. What we could download was Ghostbusters 2. Very funny people in the movie, but definitely was a lot funnier to watch 30  years ago!!!

I have hugely appreciated the outpouring of support coming from every direction. We feel very lucky that we are back in Cincinnati where we have so many friends and we are so much closer to family. We also have a wonderful nanny, Andrea, who has already helped us so much this summer and I know will keep things running while I am gone.

I really appreciated talking to a good friend, and roommate from college who is a leukemia specialist. I knew she was an oncologist but had totally forgotten she did leukemia all day everyday. When I told her it was hairy cell she was so happy and excited. She confirmed that if you had to have leukemia it was the kind to have. She also confirmed my treatment plan made sense and helped with other questions. Thank you, Tara!

So now I am not really ready but am packed and anxious to just get started. I have never been patient but am trying my best to rest and focus on getting well. For the girls it has been really good that I have been able to be home this weekend. My sister and her family already had tickets to come up this coming weekend so will be great to see them and a great distraction for the girls.

Our appointment is at 9am tomorrow so (either Chad or I) will let you know how day one of chemo goes.. 


  1. Hi Beth!

    I have been catching up with what you're going through today. Are you going to be in the UC hospital? I feel like you may have a lot of boring hours there and would love to shoot you a little something to help keep you amused and/or distracted. Good luck; you are in my thoughts! XO Becky Harris

  2. Dear Beth,
    I wanted to write to you this morning to totally agree that Ghostbusters 1 and 2 were a whole lot funnier 30 years ago! Aside from that, I thought I'd send you lots of love.
    It's hard to believe that time has passed so quickly. We all have our challenges in life and this is a big one, but I know you can do it. I remember your strong spirit from when we were little!
    In your spare time (ha ha) if you have any friends who are vets, please let me know how I can get my cat to stop peeing on my new mats in the bathroom. It is completely frustrating. Of course, I'm only kidding. But if you run out of things to talk about, you can always get a good laugh out of cats peeing on my nice things. She was so cheeky this morning that she even peed on it while my husband was standing on it!
    Anyway, sending you lots of love and holding you in my heart.
    Love, Katrina :)

  3. Hi Beth! I'm sure many people will start weighing in here soon - a sign of the how much you and your family are cared about. I hope you don't mind a work colleague chimes in so early...but after all the work we did to convince you how important you are to P&G, we simply will not accept any slacking off for any reason! Seriously, I simply want to let you know that you, Chad and the girls are in my prayers. I look forward to day very soon when you are back to full strength and running at a pace I can only dream of. Positive thoughts - Teri

  4. Hi Beth. I'm so sorry to hear your news. You were in our prayer concerns at church today and you have been on my mind so much. I hope tomorrow begins a healing journey for you. So cool that TAra gave you a consult! Big hugs - Brooke Graham Doyle

  5. Dear Beth; just a quick note to tell you you are in my thoughts and prayers. Dana Grimm

  6. Beth,

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers and thoughts! You are not alone in this fight; remember you have so many that love and care about you.

    Hope this happy get-well note adds sunshine to your day- and shows you that you’re thought of in a warm and special way!

    Get well soon,
    Kristi Snyder

  7. Hi Beth, In the short time that I've known you I've come to admire your strong spirit and upbeat personality. These traits will carry you through this difficult time. I know as a Mom it's hard to relax and take care of yourself (as evident from your blog noting that all birthday party arrangements have been finalized for your daughter ;) Please take the time to take care of yourself, so that you can come back even stronger for your beautiful little girls. I am sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family. When you are ready, we will be thrilled to see your smiling face on TE-3 again :) Julie Rosiello