Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mile 18

I've drafted this a couple of times but events overtake me before I'm happy with a post and then I star over.  So this time I'm going to post regardless.  I've been told by marathoners (of whom I am not one) that you often hit a 'wall' around mile 18.  Not sure but I think we're at that wall.  Not a fun place but I know Beth will push through it just asshe did the marathon.

Have struggled through the weekend to get all the meds stuff sorted out and had a lot of adjustments to deal with nausea etc.  Starting yesterday we added a possible infection to the list and they started IV antibiotics. Overnight Beths fever spiked tonight so I think we've pretty much confirmed the infection and so have been giving Beth a lot of IV fluids and switched to a new antibiotic. Since Robin stayed over to help out I was able to come straight to the hospital.  Ben isn't feeling great but is doing well and holding up like a champ.  Best news: the chemo bag comes off in 5 minutes (maybe less by the time this posts!), hitch is a huge milestone and will give Beth's body one less thing to deal with.

Mildly entertaining story - Beth's fever went up overnight so I came into the hospital around three; as you can imagine from Beth's last post, some of the people who have urgent medical needs at this time of day have some lifestyle issues, to put it mildly, and the whole hospital is locked down like a supermax facility. (ok, maybe not supermax, but harder to get in than the federal building downtown).  Only the ER is open, and that has a metal detector. To get past the waiting room requires a pass (secured only after the receptionist calls the unit for permission, an armed escort to the elevator, then someone from the unit has to let you in past those locked doors. I guess that some of those shooting victims must have people who are still mad at them and come to finish the job.  Anyway, I made great time to the hospital, but took 15 minutes after I got here to get to Beth's room.

At home the girls continue to do great.  Tonight was happy and the girls were working away on homework contentedly for most of the night while Robin hung out with Beth at the hospital. They seem to be comfortable with the idea that mom's here and getting better and that they know what they need to, which is the attitude I'd like them to have. Being able to hang out with them is great for me too - they're usually fun and take my mind away from all the stuff that's going on here for a while.

At some point I'll come back and try to tie up some of those thoughtful posts that I've half drafted, but it may be a while and I hope that Beth will cover them on her own before I get to it.  Keep us in your thoughts and know that all your support and encouragement mean a lot to both of us.

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  1. Beth and Chad,
    Both Blake and I have been keeping up with your blog. I think it helps us to feel connected in some small way. But, really, we want to do more, but don't know what. I will donate blood as soon as I have an available time that Hoxworth is open. (Blake can't donate having lived in England during the Mad Cow epidemic.) But, there must be something else!! Is there something that either of you wants/needs? I'm sure you're going to say no, but really I'd like it better if you said yes. A home-cooked meal? Special dessert? Funny book or video? Craft for the girls? (Just don't ask me to glue the saved hair to the monster costumes!) Barbara Kingsolver has a new book coming out. I'd really be happy if you would give me one way to help -- or to at least feel like I'm helping.
    Thinking of you lots and sending my love,