Friday, October 26, 2012

Cause for some happy dancing

Last night my sister, Robin, and I were hanging out (guess where) and someone came into the room to pick up and take away my special chemo trash box signally I am officially done with that phase (for now) we did a little happy dance.

I had a fever free night and then my white blood count actually went up versus yesterday!! This was cause for happy dance number two. Now while the direction is positive, my counts went from 0.4 to 0.9 so still very, very low.  My platelets were down so got more of those today and am still hooked up to an IV for fluids and antibiotics and still was so exhausted slept almost all day but definitely felt better.

We peppered the doctor with all the questions on how long before xyz given the turns in the right direction.
Obviously first big question is when I will get out of the hospital. It depends on how this weekend goes. My counts have to come up more. He sounds like it will be second half of second next based on what he said indirectly but tune in on Monday.

Other instructions on how to stay well until my counts recover (hopefully in about 8 weeks) are below.
- No contact with crowds
- Avoid being around anyone sick, or who has been exposed to someone sick
- Okay to walk around the block (as long as their our benches for me to sit down on along the way.... hopefully I can build up beyond the block)
- Okay to walk the dog if I feel like it but not okay to pick up the poo
- Not okay for the dog to sleep with me
- No soft cheeses, berries, etc. (same food restrictions as now)
- No alcohol or caffeine
- Everyone in my family needs to get a flu shot

In addition to my blood work they have been watching my kidney and liver labs daily since they process the chemo, all the other drugs and the leukemia cells. My kidneys are doing great. I had previously (years and years ago) been diagnosed with something called Gilbert's Syndrome which means my body always has a slightly elevated bilirubin level. My bilirubin levels have been bouncing around and getting higher. My doctor thinks instead of Gilbert's I might have a genetic disorder that causes the accelerated breakdown of red blood cells (not normally an issue at all unless you have leukemia). We will not be able to sort that out until my counts recover and I stop getting blood transfusions. It could be a bit of a complicating factor but one that could be dealt with. Enough other things to worry about now...

So, good to get some positive news and feel a bit better. I was up for most of the morning, finally felt like eating lunch and was glad my friend, Julie, was able to come by. Then I was totally wiped out slept all afternoon until Chad woke me up at 5:15 when he stopped by. Definitely going to take awhile for my body to build itself back up but cheered by the fact that looks like things are moving in the right direction.


  1. I'm happy dancing!!! Andy

  2. Beth,

    So glad to hear you have some positive news and concrete things to look ahead to. I am so thankful you are sharing updates as I check daily to see how you are doing and feeling. Sending big hugs your way! Take care,


  3. The Happy Dance is happening at your country home. We couldn't be happier for you, Chad, Kath and Mar!!! Lily too! Love you!!