Thursday, October 18, 2012

Insurance, Dewey's, and Gmail for Children

These topics have nothing to do with each other, other than their shared dominance of my thoughts today.

The care so far at UC has been great. The people are nice, the nurses and doctors have been great, and Beth's treatment is progressing pretty much like we would have expected.  (The tired stick wasn't explicitly disclosed but is not surprising.)   Everything has moved very quickly over the past week as we focused on getting Beth's diagnosis correct and beginning the right care.

That being in place, I started to wonder how all the money part of this works. (The finance guy is never far beneath the surface...)  I didn't want to get a surprise when the check comes that we'd forgotten to do something for the insurance - kind of like ordering the 'market price' items on the menu for a month.  After several phone calls and a very helpful session with one of Beth's colleagues from the Benefits team at work, I'm beginning to put the pieces together.  Over the next day or so fax machines will be humming as various forms move from place to place, and we will benefit (for the first time) from the various different Powers of Attorney etc. that we put in place several years ago for just this kind of thing.  Hopefully a few hours of investment up front will save us lots of hassles on the back end.

We picked up Dewey's Pizza and met Beth at the hospital for dinner; the kids were unphased by the whole thing, and I'm really glad that a) we've had positive hospital experiences in the past (Beth going in for hand surgery and Margaret for kidney infections, both coming home healthy and happy) and b) we've been talking about how this all works, what they might see or expect etc. over the past few days.  The kids were very glad to see mom, and we replenished the dopamine tanks for everyone in the family with the girls snuggled up with mom in the waiting room talking about the intricacies of her IV pump.  The girls are prepped and ready should we need/want to have them wear masks when they visit - they were pretty keyed up by the idea that the hospital would give them free masks - although hopefully this won't be necessary.

Finally, I caught up on a long-standing to-do item and got Katherine's email account set up on her iPod.  Since the kids are still getting to know all of their friends and teachers at school, I had really wanted to make sure she could use her email on her own if she wanted to share any concerns, etc. with her friends and teachers from China.  She was excited to have email and see who had sent her messages since she last was able to check it (in August), and sent one message.  As fine as they seem, I know that there's stuff percolating in their heads and want to make sure they have whatever outlets they need to express their fears and concerns so that we can help.  (Margaret was happy to get online on the computer and checked her email for the first time since summer as well.)

So far, so good.  Please keep us all in your thoughts.

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