Sunday, October 14, 2012

How I discovered I had leukemia - Day 2

Chad came and got me from the hospital and by late morning was able to go home. I was wiped out from not having gotten much sleep so just rested all day so I could be ready to hang with Katherine and Margaret when they got home We told them the day before I needed more blood and had to go to the hospital to get it but would be home the next day. They were nonplussed by this (which was good).

That day the nurse from the oncologist called and said they wanted me to get a CT scan on Friday to make sure none of my organs were enlarged or infected and she was going to set that up. While the test itself is not invasive let's just say the liter of "berry smoothie" contrast dye you have to drink before it does not deserve the name berry smoothie.

Later on that same night (about 8:30) the oncologist called. She said pathology reports were starting to come back and there was good news and bad news. The bad new was that I had leukemia. The good news was that it was the "best" kind to get - hairy cell leukemia. It is the most responsive to chemo with a success rate of 80-90%. It is a rare form of leukemia (less than 2% of all new leukemia cases). It is much more common in men than woman (4:1). So against the odds for me to have it... really hoping now the odds are in my favor on treatment. She said her specialty was not leukemia so she was going to refer me to someone else and get me set up with an appointment the next day. 

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