Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Chad and Computer Glitches

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Chad,
Happy Birthday to you.

We'd been hoping one of Chad's gifts would me being home by now. We've done lots of nice family skyping this weekend, girls and Robin did a lot to make Friday night and yesterday special, and thanks to Kevin and Mike for taking Chad out last night for a birthday dinner. Still looking like it will be end of this week before I get to come home.

I was bummed to miss Blue Man Group yesterday with the fam but sounds like it was hysterical. The big Vegas trip is coming up next weekend and that I am hoping they take notes on what they like so they can take me next year :).

Lots of nurses keep asking me if I am planning things to look forward to when I get home and I am such a planner I am right now bummed out about all I am missing and reluctant to plan anything for when I get home.

Has been a crazy weekend here at UC hospital. The whole hospital switched over to a new computer system yesterday morning. Let's just say the training clearly had some gaps. I was glad I was feeling well and was awake a lot of yesterday to stop getting blood drawn a 2x time (not needed), to correct what meds I had, and had not had, to explain why I was not getting chemo yesterday, etc.and to help my nurse in general with the basic functions of the computer. Crazy!! They are moving to the EPIC system which most other hospitals in town have been on for awhile so the younger staff that had worked other places was having no problem but they were not covering me today. Hopefully no one was hurt in the cut over. I will be glad to see the regular Monday staff tomorrow.

I am feeling okay today just tired. My counts are all lower. I am getting more platelets today and probably blood tomorrow. My white blood count (WBC) dropped again but they said that was no cause for concern. My Tuesday they should start to climb. Staying fever free and getting my WBC up is they key to going home so hope those 2 things come together soon!!


  1. Thank you for continuing your blog...I look forward to the update every day. Bummed that you are missing fun family things....but it will make the things you do in the future even more special. You are a true inspiration to everyone - such a trooper. Here's to higher WBC!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Chad! Just wanted you to know that the words "Please bless Beth" are said in each and every prayer in our house. Your strength and wit are amazing. Sending you love and hugs.

  3. Happy Birthday Chad.Still remember the 40th Birthday celebrations!

    Beth you sound better and glad to see longer updates suggesting you are feeling a tad better! You and not planning thats got to be a first!
    All the best and Blue Man group will be around i am sure based on how long they have been going!

  4. Blue Man Group is in Chicago--we look forward to taking you when you come visit! It was great talking to you Saturday--another confirmation of a small, small world.

  5. Happy B-Day to you...boys were singing at the dinner table tonight (Scot's in Shanghai), happy birthday to you, you look 102...something, something, rhyme with poo. Ahh, the joys of raising boys! No disco clothing happening here but lots of birthday wishes sent your way! Beth, how about Blue Man group in Chicago next summer? It is pretty hysterical!! Scot and I have been a few times but boys have not seen it. I remember taking the boat shuttle from Palawan to Lagen and one of the guides handing you a notebook of activities that we could partake in over the next week, you looked at me, slapped both hands on the book and said, "this is my kind of vacation!". LOL! Your planning days are soon ahead friend! Miss you tons!