Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Perspective

Many of you know I am a bit of a neat freak (probably borderline OCD). I have never struggled with P&G's clean desk policy (love it). I have never understood how Chad passes the clean desk audits (sorry, Chad). I shared a room with my sister, Molly, for years growing up and when she veered towards the messy side I instituted a tape line down the middle of the room to separate her clutter from my space. Chad and I have been married 16 years and have just reached the point where I have shared a room  with Chad longer than Molly, and he has, so far, evaded the fate of the masking tape line :)). The playrooms in our homes have always had a door I could close to not see it. The girls are pretty convincing that they are "still playing" and it will "ruin everything" if it gets picked up at the end of the day. Being busy and tired I have not really wanted to push them to clean up everyday anyway so the door has helped us find that happy place in the middle of only periodic clean ups. Some of you have my neat freak compulsion in action by me helping pick up your car when you give me ride, helping with dishes or other chores. I honestly like to pick up and am an external processor (hence a totally public blog when I get cancer) and being able to keep order in my external life has always been helpful to me. So please do not be offended if I toss some trash from the back seat of your car next time I ride in it (feel free to do the same in mine)!

Anyone who has seen my hospital room would see chemo is teaching me to let this go (probably in a healthy way). The table by my bed is is the epicenter of my life. My computer, my phone, water, magazines, books, food when it is meal time, lotion, puffs (you get the point). The first half of the week there was a distinct order to it and now it looks like an explosion of items and I am okay with it.

This is good prep for getting ready to go home. Chad I both get the dishes done but we have very different timetables for doing this activity. We have agreed I just need to stay on our second floor for the first week when I am just suppose to be sleeping so that I do not try and do my normal activities or things I think "need to be done".

The other piece of perspective I have gotten here at UC hospital has how lucky we are. I have lived closed to this hospital for years but never been to it because we were never sick enough. Since being here have learned it is a regular occurrence to have gun shot wound victims dropped off at the Emergency Room door and then whoever drops them off speeds away so as not to be questioned. On my unit (bone marrow transfer chemo floor), my nurse told me one patient was trying to leave against medical orders, and she busted another getting high in the bathroom and called the cops both one night this week. They were "overflow" vs chemo patients. She was clearly frustrated that most of the floor was here fighting for their lives and then there were other individuals here not making choices they could to be healthy. Another learning from my hospital stay is how lucky we to have strong values, family and friends.

Thank you to Mary Kay, Carolyn, Jack and others who are donating blood and platelets!! Thank you to Patty for becoming a bone marrow transplant donor!! I literally would not be alive if people did donate blood and platelets. I've had a few more platelet transfusions over the last couple days and am getting more blood tomorrow.  I cannot image any other leukemia patient would not feel the same way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! If you have not given before but are open to considering it check out the Hoxworth website or if you work at P&G they will be at the GO on Nov 6 you can get an appointment to give by calling 451-0910 (ext 41015) or register online at (check the email that went out for the code).

Still not feeling great but feeling lucky tonight to have such a strong group of people supporting us in so may ways! Thank you all again.

5 hours of chemo left and counting!

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  1. Yea Beth. I'm so glad to hear you sounding more "chipper". We are counting those 5 hours with you!

    Also, wanted to let you know we have calls into Hoxworth to have a blood drive in your name. So, for those P&G'ers who aren't able to make it to a regular drive, we hope to have a special one just for you. I'll pass along the details when they are final.

    Keep fighting and letting go of the things that are not so important in the whole scheme of things. That's what this has done for me ...