Monday, October 15, 2012

And so it begins....

It's about noon  and I am in my hospital room waiting for the doctor to come up and everything to start. We have spent the morning with the doctor already going through questions and am as ready as I will be for this.

Here are some of the questions I had which I have heard friends/family ask as well.

- Will I loose my hair? Not likely with type of chemo because it is very targeted (good since I have just spent the last 3 years growing it out).

- Will I have a port? No. I will get a picc line into my upper arm and they will use that for as much as possible. Sure it will not be fun to get but is less invasive than a port and am told I can wear my own shirts and pants vs a hospital gown and pants.

- How often will I have blood drawn? Daily (bummer)

- Can I get up to go to the bathroom? Yes, I should be mobile and there is an exercise bike in the break room on the floor I can use on good days. My nurse gave us the tour and she pointed out the halls most frequently roamed by bored patients.

- Will I have a private room? Yes... not only private but an alarm goes off if the door is left open Everyone has private rooms because of the risk of infection. I am on the 8th floor with a view of MLK Ave and the Chipotle and the top of the Great American building.

- Are there any restrictions on what people can send? Nothing fresh please - no fresh flowers are allowed and any home prepared or opened food must go directly to my room (check with Chad first). The address is University Hospital (8 Main), 234 Goodman Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219.

- Are there restrictions on visitors? Yes, because of the risk of infection. Chad, however, is allowed to come anytime and can spend the night. Shockingly the fold out bed on the chemo floor was not high on his destination must stays this year. We are thinking for all of us better for him to sleep at home.

- How bad will I feel? Really depends on whether I get a fever and how my body responds. If I get a fever sounds like the answer will be I will feel miserable.

- Does the bed vibrate? I was at Christ Hospital for the blood infusion last week. Sadly no beds that vibrate on their own at University Hospital.

That is all I can think of on questions....

It was really nice to have the weekend at home to get packed and ready and to have time to hang with Chad and the girls. The girls are doing really well with everything. Chad asked them in the car on the way to school how they were feeling and if they had any questions. Margaret paused and said she was worried about her four fun facts she had prepared for school today... no mention of mom on the worry list which is good.

We realize our recent life experiences are predisposing the girls to be calm. Margaret had a 6 night hospital stay in Hong Kong and I had hand surgery in Hong Kong they both know you go to the hospital, get better and come home. We also talked about how they might have to wear masks when they came to see me. To that they replied, "yeah, Vietnam had the best masks. I wonder if they will have ones like that." So the girls right now are totally fine and have been really sweet and good helpers.

Chad and I have gotten me settled into my room. The nurse has taken my vitals and we have done reams of paperwork. Soon they will be here to do the picc line and the real fun will begin. Thanks to everyone for your love, support and prayers.


  1. Hi Beth - thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts as you make your way through this unexpected adventure. It sounds like you and your family are about as prepared for this ordeal as anyone can be (love the mask comment). I wish you well and hope you stick closely to the plan -- "go in, get better and go home" well before you hit the worry list for your girls. Can you remind those of us who haven't seen you in a while the ages of your girls?
    -- best of luck.

  2. Hi Beth

    So grateful to get the link to your blog.
    I have known you socially and only for a short time....but perceive you as highly organised, focussed and committed to a fault !....So you are going to grab this bull by the horns and get well Beth.
    The Nayyar family is sending lots of prayers and 'reiki' your way.
    Btw, if/when you are in the mood for (& allowed) some classic north Indian fare, please just command.
    Hoping to visit whenever we get the green signal to do so.

    best of luck
    Anjali & Mohit